About Us


We, the Cat in Egremont, bring a variety of delicacies after long research, experiments and refinements. Excellent cuisine requires dedication and innovation, which can offer a sense of disguise in taste.

Our cuisine is prepared to achieve three fundamentals; it should be delicious, so you can hold the taste. It should be aromatic, so you can inspire. It should be rich, rich in a sense it should vitalise your body, and not heavy to digest but absorb smoothly.

To come to this stage, we have heavily invested in each niche and developed an innovative, distinctive and unparalleled way of cooking. That is why we take pride in saying our way of cooking is an art that satisfies any food lovers’ quest.

Our cuisine produces pleasing texture thanks to the unique infusion of perfectly selected spice blends and ingredients that energises your body.

Our extensive range of delicacies offers diverse selections for everyone to choose from with an in-house wide variety of wines. Every dish has an all-embracing history that provides a distinct feeling if taken with matching best quality extrinsic and intrinsic wines.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and enjoy our mouth-watering cuisine.

The Cat Inn is 16th century a Pub and Inn, located on Main Street in a bustling market town of Egremont, close to other retail and commercial operations.

Recently, a new commercial kitchen was added to cater to the local community and guests to enjoy Cumbrian dishes and delicious pub food with various choices,, including vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Egremont is a small market town, which has held a market charter since 1267. It has a wide main street, overlooked by the remains of a Norman Castle.
Egremont has many unique and exciting places for visitors to enjoy, including Egremont Castle, Florence Mine, Hartley’s Ice Cream, Lowes Court Gallery, various walks, Clint’s Quarry (SSSI) cycle paths.
Egremont lies in Cumbria, a county formed from Cumberland, Westmorland, and part of North Lancashire, and now England’s second-largest county in size.

Here you will find the beautiful Lake District National Park with spectacular mountain scenery, forest trails and lakeside paths around the 16 major lakes.

The almost alpine landscape of England’s highest mountains is a draw for the millions of visitors who pour into the park each year, where for 200 years, it has been the inspiration for artists, poets and writers who have made their home here.